Patrick LIVING PSO! ® bedeutet für mich: stetige Qualifizierung Ihrer Mitarbeiter Optimierung der Maschineneinstellungen Produktionsbegleitung und Trainings Kürzung der Rüstzeiten Instruktor / Technischer Key Account
Staatl. gepr. Druck- und Medientechniker
Patrick Bender
Jan LIVING PSO! ® bedeutet für mich: Workshops / Seminare in Colormanagement Stetige Optimierung der Maschinenleistungen Regelmäßige Lichtaudits nach ISO 3664:2009 Zertifizierung nach ISO 12647-2 Technischer Berater
Staatl. gepr. Druck- und Medientechniker
Jan Vecins
Sven LIVING PSO! ® bedeutet für mich: Optimierung der CIP3-Farbvoreinstelldaten Justage der Farb- und Feuchtwalzen Kalibirierung der Mess- und Regeltechnik Kürzung der Rüstzeiten Instruktor / Technischer KeyAccount
Meister Digital- und Printmedien
Sven Wilhelm
Torsten LIVING PSO! ® bedeutet für mich: Stetige Optimierung der Maschinenleistung Kürzung der Rüstzeiten Kalibrierung der Mess- und Regeltechnik Zertifizierung nach ISO 12647-2 Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung /
Member of the Board
Torsten Albrecht


Process optimisation and quality controls must be a reality that is practised every day within the service provider’s company in order to provide a tangible benefit for you and your customers. With our training courses, we have developed a wealth of appealing seminar and workshop formats spanning the entire process chain. They are precisely tailored to the requirements of your employees from sales, prepress, CtP and print. One training approach is the same for all seminars and workshops: to establish intensive and inter-departmental communication.

Since with this information, the processes in your company flow faster too. The diversity of what we offer means that we are able to put together a personalised training concept for every company. The advantage: you get the best possible ratio of effort and expertise gain. We have anchored our collaboration with the Fachverband Medienproduktioner e.V. (f:mp.) firmly into our training concept. From this point of view too, LIVING PSO/PSD!® is the ideal platform for recommending yourself as a professional partner to brand manufacturers, production companies, agencies and print buyers.

We offer the following workshops:
Printing processes are only ever as good as the people that carry them out. Consequently, the LIVING PSO/PSD!® quality concept depends consistently on the constant training of your staff.

Colour Management

  • Introduction to colorimetry: Seeing colour
  •  Colour models in the digital workflow
  • Characterisation of printing processes
  • Test print form for creating ICC profiles
  •  ICC colour profiles and their implementation
  • Standardisation of colour management processes • Digital checking tools for quality assurance
  • Synergies between colour management and PSO/PSD


Offset printing process standard ISO 12647


Digital printing process standard ISO 15311

  • Content and structure of PSO and PSD
  •  Densitometric and spectrophotometric measuring technology
  • Paper types and their specific specifications
  • Colour measurement: Determining the best full tone densities or Lab full tones
  • Characteristic curves: Determining the correct RIP-LUTs of CTP systems
  • Quality checking and quality assurance with checking tools such as Ugra/FOGRA – CMYK media wedge V2.0/V3.0


Expert practice workshops for prepress / press

  • Measurement of the IPM test print forms
  • Analysis and interpretation of the measured values
  • Evaluation of the measurement results and adaptation of the process parameters


Workshops for sales

  •  Training in argumentation: What advantages do our customers have?
  •  Evaluation and interpretation of supplied and self-made digital proofs
  • Concluding discussion