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Every good template deserves a crowning finish. So it’s just a shame that bad passes occur time and time again precisely in the interaction between the prepress and print stages. Instead of successes, own goals need to be avoided: machine downtimes, price discounts, reprints, loss of image.
The cause is clear: there’s no coordination between the prepress, CtP and press teams. After all, virtually no other industry is as dependent on technical variables and changes as the printing industry.

And this is precisely where LIVING PSO!® comes in: with this extensive package of advice, service and software, you as a printing services provider can make your processes profitable. You can guide your projects securely to their destination – and on excellent terms too.
Our award-winning PrintProcessControl® software assumes the role of a virtual coach in this concept: It helps with analysis and corrections and therefore ensures a smooth flow of the game in all stages of production.

Our instructors, technicians, engineers and experts are also literally there for you whenever you need them, almost 365 days a year.
Our LIVING PSO!® certificate converts the „ISO 12647 offset printing process standard“ into a success factor that can be felt every day.
LIVING PSO!® increases your company’s competitiveness – even if it is already playing in the premier league.

And because this quality concept is superbly efficient, LIVING PSO!® has already taken its first title: The PrintProcessControl® software has won the German printing industry’s Innovation Prize.