reduce the production costs of print products, reduce machine set-up times and waste and increase production output and quality without having to make large investments.

Why Living PSO/PSD®
is interesting for you?

In view of the increasing cost pressure in the printing industry, minimising costs is essential for many printing companies.
For this reason, more and more entrepreneurs are realising how important interdepartmental quality assurance, standardisation and continuous optimisation of processes are for the long-term success and the positioning of their company in the market.

The reduction of set-up times and a significant reduction of waste are increasingly important in order to decrease the manufacturing costs of print products.

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What do our customers want?


Reducing costs

The declared objective of our customers is: “Increase output and reduce costs!” We achieve this by optimising the individual processes along the entire production chain from prepress to CtP to print in a first step, by standardising them in a second step and by continuously reviewing them in the last and third step. ” One-time results” are not enough to be successful in the long-term.

Technical assistance

Our customers want to know that they have a recognised, reliable and competent partner with short response times at their side for technical questions (e.g. investment decisions, optimisation options) as well as for technical problems (colour fluctuations, excessive waste, complaints). Together we want to solve problems (quickly and sustainably) and not search for them!
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How much does a printed sheet cost you to set up?

Did you know that just one too many waste sheets during the set-up process can cost up to 10,000 euros in lost sales at the end of the year? Calculate for yourself with our waste cost calculator.

Scoring with LIVING PSO!®
LIVING PSO!® increases the competitiveness of your company

– even if it already plays in the premier league.

How can the LIVING PSO!®/PSD concept help me?

Every good template deserves a crowning finish. So it’s just a shame that bad passes occur time and time again precisely in the interaction between the prepress and print stages.

Instead of successes, own goals need to be avoided:

  • machine downtimes
  • price discounts
  • reprints
  • loss of image

The cause is clear: there’s no coordination between the prepress, CtP and press teams. After all, virtually no other industry is as dependent on technical variables and changes as the printing industry. And this is precisely where LIVING PSO!® comes in: with this extensive package of advice, service and software, you as a printing services provider can make your processes profitable. You can guide your projects securely to their destination – and on excellent terms too.

Our award-winning PrintProcessControl® software assumes the role of a virtual coach in this concept: It helps with analysis and corrections and therefore ensures a smooth flow of the game in all stages of production.

Our instructors, technicians, engineers and experts are also literally there for you whenever you need them, almost 365 days a year. Our LIVING PSO!® certificate converts the „ISO 12647 offset printing process standard“ into a success factor that can be felt every day.

LIVING PSO!® increases your company’s competitiveness – even if it is already playing in the premier league.
And because this quality concept is superbly efficient, LIVING PSO!® has already taken its first title: The PrintProcessControl® software has won the German printing industry’s Innovation Prize.

10 reason for Living PSO/PSD®

  1. Your products always achieve a uniformly high standard of quality which can be traced for your customers and employees at all times through measuring technology: Complaints will be fewer.
  2. You can increase your company’s value: employees are the most important asset of any company. Our workshops, seminars and training courses help you to increase your employees‘ skills.
  3. You benefit continuously from perfectly-coordinated baseline settings of programs, output devices and printing presses.
  4. Your customers can rely on consistent printing results with repeat orders.
  5. You can reduce the amount of work required for corrections, downtime, resources deployed and setup times needed considerably.
  6. Precisely defined responsibilities and interfaces safeguard efficient workflows within your company.
  7. You can reduce coordination times, gain flexibility and safeguard compliance with deadlines.
  8. A team of highly qualified specialists is available to you literally whenever you need them, both with advice and practical support.
  9. Your company’s high standard of quality will be certified on a regular basis: Image, customer acquisition and customer loyalty grow.
  10. This allows you to markedly increase your company’s competitiveness.
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DStandardisierung mit Konzept

With LIVING PSO/PSD!® the definition of standard takes on a new dimension:

Through the holistic recording and continuous optimisation of your processes and technology in combination with the constant qualification and further training of your employees (who have to understand and master the increasingly complex processes), typical own goals such as unnecessary and increased material consumption, machine downtimes, price reductions, reprints and image loss are avoided.

We have further developed the pure certification process: It is not enough to take an exam once a year to document the quality of individual printed sheets. To be truly successful in the long term, process optimisation, quality control and qualification of your employees must be a daily lived reality within the company. A fundamental principle of this offer is that the customer agrees on a specific contract period and thereby takes the desired services in the way of a subscription to be paid monthly. The company therefore not only knows the exact costs of LIVING PSO/PSD!® in advance, but also has only one partner for consulting, qualification and technology.

Full transparency through award-winning software solution – PrintProcessControl®

With just one program, you have your entire process chain – from proof and print plates to printing – under control in seconds.

As a LIVING PSO/PSD!® customer, you also benefit from lower daily rates and flat rates for all other services from our overall service portfolio, such as technical press inspections and expert reports, investment consulting, lighting audits, press instructions, CtP reports, proofing and colour management and many more. With LIVING PSO/PSD!® you are opting for a powerful, comprehensive and award-winning software, service and consulting concept.

Here you will find answers to questions that we are asked time and again. Of course, we are also available to answer your questions personally

How can IPM support you?

We help companies around the world to integrate industrial processes and standards into their daily operations. IPM enhances the performance of your presses while reducing waste and waste costs. With more than 1,500 customers in over 24 countries, we are an internationally successful consulting, software and services company.

What is Print Process Management?

We call the constant optimisation of individual production processes and their continuous monitoring and improvement on the basis of standardised printing and manufacturing processes Printprocess Management®.


Bundling expert days, certification and software into a modular concept.