Expert / assessor
for the printing industry

How do the IPM-Experts help?

Surveyors and experts – for a neutral perspective

A professional, neutral and objective party is a valuable source of assistance in disputes between print buyers and service providers, as well as between printing companies and suppliers (printing presses, printing plates, proofs, ink, paper, etc.). 

With their know-how and experience, IPM’s experts can help to keep all dialogue objective and professional. They analyse the situation that has led to the dispute and objectively determine the degree to which faults have occurred, how they occurred and what actual damage has been caused as a result. This gives you certainty quickly and you may be able to avoid any legal processes

Can an expert opinion also be used for a legal dispute?

In the event of a dispute going to court, the IPM expert’s knowledge and technical expertise will again be provided in a report that can significantly accelerate and simplify the legal process.

With an IPM expert, you can avoid any loss of reputation and quickly put your relationship with your customer or business partner back on solid and mutually trusting ground

Objectivity in conflicts

Reputation protection


Acceleration of court proceedings


DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 certified

Where are the experts from?

The chambers of commerce and industry in Germany generally rely on appointed experts who sit on testing committees or work in vocational colleges, but who do not necessarily come from the practical field.

Our experts are certified to the DIN EN ISO / IEC 17024 standard, recognised throughout Europe, and accordingly have the necessary legal knowledge as well as the required, verified professional expertise.

It is essential to consider this when choosing an expert:

In Germany, the title of expert does not have protected status. Any self-appointed expert can offer his services in a specifically defined specialism. This does not by any means guarantee they are qualified to do so, however. Look out for certified professional expertise. IPM experts do have the professional expertise, since certification to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17024 verifies it. Customer references and corresponding practical expertise from the experts are reviewed by a committee at the European Training Foundation (FIB) in Basel. The FIB is an institution with state approval in Germany for the training of experts.

The IPM Experts / Assessorsr

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Maik Resing  is certified as experts according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024.

Sachverständiger und Gutachter für die Druckindustrie | Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Maik Resing

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Maik Resing

Specialised in the evaluation of printed products
and print quality. He supports agencies and print buyers from industrial companies as well as print service providers who want to prove the quality of a product complies with standards and the state of the art.

Support for print service providers in the area of printing processes and machine technology. Here we address problems such as a machine breakage, possible rework disputes or insurance-relevant damages.

How does the cooperation
with the IPM-Experts work?

IPM experts use their professional expertise to get to the bottom of problems and analyse every case in a neutral and objective way.
Umfangreiche Beratung der IPM-Sachverständigen
Step 1

Detailed consultation

IIn an initial, detailed consultation, they determine to what extent having an expert assessment drawn up will be useful. If it will be useful in the event of disputes, including disputes involving legal action, then we will support you with an expert assessment that is regarded with very high credibility in terms of evidence produced for the courts.

Step 2

Situation clarified

If the facts of the matter reveal that you are responsible for a high proportion of the damage caused, we can support you with the fault analysis and research into the cause, with our neutral report opening up the possibility of reaching a mutually-agreed settlement out of court. If there are discrepancies between the perspectives of the service provider and customer or service provider and supplier (printing

press, proof, ink, printing plate, printing substrate, etc.), the expert assessment report will describe in detail where errors occurred and why, and what damage these errors have caused.


Our specialist fields in printing technology, computer to plate, machine technology and mechanical engineering:


Sheet-fed printing

Digital printing
Rotation printing


Liquid toner processes
CtP imaging systems
Printing plates / CtP technology
UV printing
LED printing
Print and production quality
Printing inks
Printing stock

Experts and assessors
in printing industry

The cooperation and the procedure explained in detail