Setup time reduction

Why is it useful to optimize the CIP-3 presets?

Reduction of set-up times by optimizing the presets for the CIP-3 ink zone control system
Minimizing costs is essential in order to survive in a fiercely competitive environment. In the pressroom, reducing makeready times is an important part of this. However, the opportunity to optimize the output data (jobs) created by prepress for the automatic presetting of ink zones on the press often remains unused.

An adjustment of the CIP3 data is advisable at least once a year in order to minimize the set-up times of even the most modern presses.

What are the advantages of the IPM – CIP3 adaptation?

The IPM – CIP3 adaptation makes printer life easier. Save waste and save time!

Once a year an adjustment of the CIP3 data is recommended. The IPM experts support you with a special test form and special software that calculates the percentage area coverage values with the ink zone openings of the printing press. At the same time, operators are trained to apply the automated optimizations of the press and to use them correctly. Waste is already noticeably reduced after the first correction.

With the IPM – CIP3 adjustment, your machine is optimized. So you can only win.

IPM Testform

Do you already know your optimization potential?

A lot of printing service providers are not aware that such savings potential even exists on the press. Those who do know, however, often do not have the right know-how or the practice to implement it. Finally, CIP3 adjustment is automated on some presses by the manufacturers.
However, this automated adjustment is not always optimal. Employees are also often not fully trained in the use of this functionality or simply do not use this option at all.
Leverage your potential and use the IPM – CIP3 adjustment to make significant savings in waste

The two pillars of successful CIP-3 optimization

You are supported in this process by our IPM experts: We optimize the CIP-3 ink zone presettings of the press with a technically sophisticated test form and special software that calculates the percentage area coverage values with the ink zone openings of the press.

Even after the first correction, waste is noticeably reduced.

The right software

The aim of the CIP3 adjustment is to achieve optimum inking of the printing forme (minimum Delta E target values) with the first proof, so that you can expect a maximum of 100 sheets of start-up waste. This goal is achieved with special software and the IPM test form. The IPM test form – with which the IPM experts also calibrate – includes ROMAN 16 images with different color assignments.

The IPM software now does nothing other than optimize each point of the test form for the respective ink zones. It is important that different substrates are used, because behind glossy or matt-coated and uncoated there are different learning curves.
Thanks to an ingenious learning rhythm configuration, the software can make the zones so dense from the very first print that you immediately save paper waste, with 60% area coverage in cyan.

Software zur CIP3 Datenanpassung von IPM
Schulung im Umgang mit CIP-3

The right know-how

In addition to the CIP3 adjustment, employees are also given targeted and practical training during implementation.

Know-how is a decisive factor. You don’t just need to know that there are ink zones, you also need to understand how the whole system works and interacts.

With the IPM CIP3 adaptation, you can save your company a considerable amount of time and waste as well as the potential of employee knowledge.

IPM-CIP-3 adaptation in a nutshell:

The IPM – CIP3 adaptation varies according to the manufacturer of the printing machines.
The special IPM software accesses the CIP3 data in the so-called prepress hot folder and automatically calculates the percentage area coverage values with the ink zone openings of the press.

Even after the first correction, the optimization of the press is noticeable in the form of reduced waste. The aim is for start-up waste to be less than 100 sheets.

CIP3 adaptation is available for all common offset presses. IPM – CIP3 adaptation, including adjustment and adaptation to different paper grades, usually takes one working day.

However, this can vary due to the individual concept and different customer requirements.

optimizing the press
By adjusting the CIP 3 ink zone control


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