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Technical machine acceptance tests

Manufacturer-neutral and independent acceptance of a printing press according to the official guidelines of bvdm/FOGRA

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IPM machine acceptance test

By carrying out the neutral machine acceptance test, manufacturers and operators accept the test parameters and definitions defined in the technical guidelines. As a rule, a machine acceptance test with the technical and printing acceptance test does not take longer than one shift on site.

Technical machine acceptance tests

A new or used printing press is still a big and important investment for many printing companies. It is precisely for this reason that it must be ensured that the press fully meets the required quality requirements and can be used to produce a quality that meets the market requirements. If production problems or even complete failures occur due to machine problems, this can damage the image and costs of both the manufacturer and the customer.

Phase 1:
Preliminary discussion and on-site consultation – non-binding and free of charge

If you are interested in a machine acceptance test, we would be pleased to offer you an informative discussion. We will inform you about our services, the exact procedure of a machine acceptance and about the costs for the quality certificate. This consultation is free of charge and non-binding for you, only travel expenses are incurred.

Phase 2:
Offer and order confirmation

After quotation and order confirmation, a detailed description of services and tasks is given on the basis of checklists and requirement profiles for machine acceptance. In this step, the process parameters to be prepared, such as paper, printing ink or machine availability, are determined.

Phase 3:
Machine acceptance on site

The machine acceptance inspection is divided into several steps, which go from the general condition more and more into detail and thus comprehensibly and reliably uncover and document all possibly existing defects.

1: General part
Acceptance begins with visual inspection and testing. Even here, superficial damage that can occur during transport can be easily recorded.

2: Mechanical part
After the machine has been released by the manufacturer, its proper mechanical functioning is checked. Even small irregularities can later lead to increased wear and more frequent maintenance.

3: Printing part
The IPM machine acceptance test is divided into the technical printing part into three printing forms:
a.) Printing form – b.) Strip printing form – c.) Checking the machine passport

A first trend of the machine results is already determined directly on site. A representative evaluation is then determined in the laboratory and recorded in a detailed documentation – the acceptance report.

Phase 4:
Evaluation of measurement and test results

The acceptance report is a detailed documentation of the target and actual values and contains understandable explanations of the tests as well as of all defects and anomalies recorded. This documentation also serves later as a reference about quality and quality of the machine for comparative measures and usually secures a higher resale value at the same time.

Phase 5:
Defects on the machine – Troubleshooting

If a newly purchased printing press shows faults, the manufacturer is obliged to rectify these faults. The necessary print tests are repeated after the corrections have been made with regard to the parameters complained of in order to complete and complete the documentation.
In these cases, the costs are usually borne by the manufacturer.

Request comprehensive information on IPM machine acceptance now!

– Investment advice (on request)
– Development of specifications and performance parameters for the purchase contract.
– Support and accompaniment during discussions with the manufacturer.
– Neutral and objective machine technical examination.
– Evaluation according to recognised guidelines.
– If there are defects on the machine, these can be partially remedied by the instructors during the machine acceptance test.
– Functional tests and printing technical inspection on the basis of objective and metrological testing of the machine at a specified time.
– Detailed protocol with digital photos and all measurement results on the technical condition.
with information on the parameters of the printing press relevant for printing and press technology.