Patrick LIVING PSO! ® bedeutet für mich: stetige Qualifizierung Ihrer Mitarbeiter Optimierung der Maschineneinstellungen Produktionsbegleitung und Trainings Kürzung der Rüstzeiten Instruktor / Technischer Key Account
Staatl. gepr. Druck- und Medientechniker
Patrick Bender
Jan LIVING PSO! ® bedeutet für mich: Workshops / Seminare in Colormanagement Stetige Optimierung der Maschinenleistungen Regelmäßige Lichtaudits nach ISO 3664:2009 Zertifizierung nach ISO 12647-2 Technischer Berater
Staatl. gepr. Druck- und Medientechniker
Jan Vecins
Sven LIVING PSO! ® bedeutet für mich: Optimierung der CIP3-Farbvoreinstelldaten Justage der Farb- und Feuchtwalzen Kalibirierung der Mess- und Regeltechnik Kürzung der Rüstzeiten Instruktor / Technischer KeyAccount
Meister Digital- und Printmedien
Sven Wilhelm
Torsten LIVING PSO! ® bedeutet für mich: Stetige Optimierung der Maschinenleistung Kürzung der Rüstzeiten Kalibrierung der Mess- und Regeltechnik Zertifizierung nach ISO 12647-2 Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung /
Member of the Board
Torsten Albrecht


The advantages of certification according to the offset printing process standard can be categories into three groups. Significant profits are earned for your company, your technology and your customers.

Advantages for the company:

  • Your print products comply with a clearly defined quality standard, allowing you to achieve a high degree of production reliability for you and your customers.
  • Poor-quality or flawed data can be detected through standardised checking procedures in the prepress stage, allowing the customer to be notified accordingly. Your company’s professionalism is guaranteed to be communicated to the outside world.
  • Test prints and print sheets can be coordinated using existing profiles. A good proof/print comparison is assured.
  • Quality can be demonstrated through suitable checking agents and measurements.
  • Important marketing argument for your company.

Advantages for technology:

  • Clearly defined steps and affiliations to the relevant departments.
  • This ensures a smooth workflow and a clear reduction in the number of errors.
  • Less work required for corrections, and therefore lower production costs.
  • Consistent quality for repeat orders.
  • Uniform baseline settings in application programs (e.g. Photoshop).
  • Profiled monitors, true-colour proof printers, optimised printing press settings.

Advantages for customers:

  • Greater assurance of quality, greater adherence to deadlines.
  • Consistent quality for repeat orders.
  • Same colour reproduction on different print jobs for a single product (e.g. one product distributed over various printing presses).

Less time spent on print approvals on site.