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Patrick Bender
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Torsten Albrecht


Before our experts can start introducing and implementing standardised production processes within your company, please ensure that the measuring technology used functions correctly and that the required measuring tolerances are adhered to.

The measuring devices available in your company must also be checked initially and, if necessary, calibrated and harmonised so that the measured values recorded during standardisation and quality control can be accurately calculated and assessed across all processes.

Besides the measuring technology, the output devices used in the pre-press and CtP departments are also checked for their flawless functionality and reproducibility:

Example: CtP technology check

During process calibration, for example, the exposure unit is checked to ensure it is able to expose the printing plate over the entire surface with the same defined area coverage. This allows banding errors (strip exposure, defects in the raster screening and/or laser diode failure) – if present – to be detected quickly and reliably.

We then check whether the exposure process works in a reproducible way and that all printing plates achieve the same quality and/or adhere to the defined tolerances.

In our seminars and workshops, we train your employees in process calibration, in operating the measuring devices and in selecting the right device settings for process monitoring.