Hadn’t you imagined it like this?

The request was for a precise reproduction of a brochure, but the finished print exhibits marked deviations? Then it’s high time to nail your colours to the mast: choose LIVING PSO/PSD!® before your customers see red.

Defining standards

Working with you, we set the standards for your success:
We define the parameters for profitable processes in your company. This lays the foundations for colour and customer fidelity.

Comprehensive approach

This comprehensive approach is our response to one major challenge: it’s about compensating inconstant influences from external and internal factors on the quality of printed products.

Calculable success

The special properties of alternating printing substrates or differing evaluations by employees, for example, can lead to fluctuations in quality. With LIVING PSO/PSD!®, these factors can be calculated – and therefore so too can your success.

Your customers are given your word and bond for this guaranteed quality: LIVING PSO!® includes certification to ISO 12647,

LIVING PSD!® includes certification to ISO 15311. The official LIVING PSO/PSD!® seal of quality and the official LIVING PSO/PSD!® certificate: your proof of ongoing quality checks and constant training of your staff.

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