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Patrick Bender
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Sven Wilhelm
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Torsten Albrecht


How the software works – PrintProcessControl®
With just one program, you have your entire process chain – from proof and print plates to printing – under control in seconds.


  • Spectrophotometric analysis of digital proofs
  • Evaluation of the tonal value increase simulation in the proof
  • Professional documentation of the target/actual comparison
  • Perfect coordination of print and proof


Computer to Plate

  • Plate check / homogeneity checking
  • Early error diagnostics
  • Illumination correction recommendations (RIP)
  • Rapid production monitoring of digital plate production

Print room (offset and digital)

  • Checking of relevant parameters (density, CIELab, ∆E etc.)
  • Rapid and clear reporting of measuring results
  • Fast, convenient calibration and adaptation functions
  • Analysis of printing characteristic curves in seconds

Profit-generating effects

  • No additional coordination efforts
  • Avoidance of faulty plates
  • No additional set-up times
  • Avoidance of paper waste
  • No machine downtimes
  • Complete print success
  • High profitability
  • High customer satisfaction

PrintProcessControl® software profile:

  • One program, but everything always in view!: Proof, CtP and print
  • Up to 10 printed products can be evaluated (e.g. 4/4 colour or 5/5 colour)
  • High flexibility thanks to reference and project databases
  • Maximum degree of standardisation in special colour printing
  • Simple operation thanks to modular structure of the software supporting the evaluation of up to 10 special colours
  • Optimum perfecting quality
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to editable measuring elements
  • Perfect reporting: simple and reliable quality tools thanks to professional reporting functions