Your continued success is important to us!

To this end, it is imperative to know the new guidelines and changes to the Process Standard for Offset Printing (defined in ISO 12647-2:2013) and, even more importantly, to put these into practice successfully.

This is because the Process Standard for Offset Printing not only affects print service providers themselves, but also graphic designers and agencies who create their PDFs and proofs for brand owners and customers according to these guidelines.

For this reason, back in the spring of 2014, IPM had already started sharing this knowledge as part of a very successful roadshow with the working title “PSO-2015” (…which has had more than 1,300 participants so far)

And not, as many of our market competitors are doing, just now – which in our opinion is much too late!

Standardisation in printing must be a day-to-day reality (keyword: LIVING PSO!) in order to generate tangible benefits (minimise errors, reduce paper waste, increase profits and safeguard jobs!) for all partners involved in the production process.

Due to the high demand and strong interest from many participants and customers, we have decided to provide you with the key content from our IPM expert workshops on the new PSO in the form of a free-of-charge download.

We want to contribute towards improving the implementation of the “new PSO – ISO 12647-2:2013″ and making it more successful as well as meeting our customers’ demands for “more LIVING PSO!”

Enjoy browsing and studying the “PSO 2015” workshops. If you have any queries, please contact us!

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