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Print Performance Plus

Reduce waste and increase profits.
Qualification of operating personnel, optimization of machine settings,
Shorter set-up times, optimized material usage, increased machine availability, more output.

IPM – Print Performance Plus

In everyday production, every second counts. However, productivity is not just a matter of equipment. To really get the most out of your machine, you need specialist knowledge of technology and processes. In the IPM instruction and production support, the individual process steps are coordinated so perfectly that you achieve optimum productivity.

Making potentials visible

The correct sequence of process steps and the optimum exploitation of press potential have a serious impact on the productivity of a printing company. Nevertheless, they are quickly neglected as factors in everyday operations. IPM production support puts the finger on efficiency losses and makes potentials visible. In this way you avoid complaints, reduce waste and shorten makeready times to the optimum.

Step by step to success:
1. optimize process steps

In every company there are work steps that are not implemented as carefully as might be appropriate.  Often it is just insignificant little things that hardly attract attention in everyday life, which in their entirety cause significant time losses or waste.

With the IPM instruction and production support, you can design a more efficient workflow and identify optimization potential.

2. Tap machine potentials

Employees often remain alone with their questions. They are instructed only for a short time during machine installation.

Often the machine is therefore not further optimized by the employees. This means that often less than 70% of the actual machine output is used.  With the IPM production support you maximize the machine performance.

3. Establish know-how

20% to 30% of the assistance systems inside the machine are not used. Some operators do not even know that certain assistance systems are available.

This means that the company loses a great deal of performance that was bought for expensive money. More know-how helps to improve speed and quality and save waste.

With IPM production support, you gain in machine performance.

4. Motivate employees

The fact that the framework conditions of the economy are in a constant state of change is not a novelty.

The ethical expectations of employees have risen – and are often not met; they want to be more than just a cog in the wheel.

The companies and managers who have learned to rethink and see the potential in their employees experience the exact opposite, they are highly attractive and the employees do more out of themselves and with joy. They feel that they are part of a valuable community.

The IPM experts are proven practitioners who have worked in these areas themselves. They talk at eye level with your employees and are aware of their sensitivities.

You instruct your employees on how best to work with the press. Informed employees are motivated and are happy to take on challenging tasks themselves. One of IPM’s greatest strengths is probably its ability to approach employees, “take them along” and motivate them.

What are the advantages for the company?

– Specialists and junior managers are recognized early on and can be prepared.
– constant adaptation to necessary technological and market-specific innovations
– guaranteed competitiveness
– Independent planning and action
– great satisfaction of the employees
– higher performance motivation
– fast recognition of deficits and / or wrong appointments
– little fluctuation
– emotional employee retention
– Increase of internal communication, as well as cooperation

Advantages for the employee:

– personal and professional qualification is created or is further developed
– unused abilities, as well as potentials are recognized and activated
– improved career opportunities
– individual self-realization and beneficial personality development
– Assignment of tasks according to suitability and inclination

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