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Objective and independent expert opinions, error analyses and cause research, Advice and expert support in court and out-of-court solutions.

IPM expert

A professional, neutral and objective authority is a valuable aid in disputes between print buyers and service providers as well as between printing companies and suppliers (printing press, printing plate, proof, ink, paper, etc.).

The IPM experts get to the bottom of the errors with their expert knowledge and analyse each case neutrally and objectively.

In this way, you can quickly gain certainty and avoid legal disputes.

Judicial dispute

In the event of a legal dispute, the knowledge and expertise of the IPM experts are incorporated into an expert opinion that can significantly speed up and simplify a procedure.

With the IPM experts, you avoid loss of reputation and quickly put the relationship with the customer or business partner back on a solid and trusting basis.

Where do the experts come from?

The Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Germany usually rely on appointed experts who sit on examination boards or are active in vocational schools, but do not necessarily come from practical experience.

Our experts are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024, which is recognised throughout Europe, and therefore have both the necessary legal knowledge and the necessary, tested expertise.

Qualification as a quality mark

In Germany the name of the expert is not protected. A so-called self-appointed expert may offer his services in a precisely designated field. However, this does not prove his actual qualification. Pay attention to certified expertise. The IPM experts actually have the necessary expert knowledge, since the existing specialist knowledge is checked during certification according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024.

Customer references and the corresponding work expertise of the experts are examined by a commission of the European Institute for Vocational Education and Training (FIB) in Basel. The FIB is a state-approved institute for training as an expert in Germany.

The IPM experts/assessors

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Maik Resing and Torsten Albrecht have been certified as experts according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024.

Dipl.-Ing. Maik Resing
Managing Partner

Mobile: 0049.171.3616094
email: m.resing@ipm-print.de

Zertifikat   Zertifikat

Torsten Albrecht
Member of the Executive Board / Head of Technology

Mobile: 0049.171.5654869
E-Mail: t.albrecht@ipm-print.de


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Our focus in the area of printing processes, computer to plate
and machinery (construction) engineering:

– Sheet-fed printing
– digital printing
– rotary printing
– xerography
– inkjet
– liquid toner process
– CtP imaging systems
– Printing Plates/ CtP Technology
– UV printing