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Digital Color Management

Creation of ICC and DeviceLink color profiles

Colour profiles

Just as every human being perceives colours individually, devices, at least device classes, also have different colour spaces in which they register or represent colours.

Such individuality is caused by construction differences and production fluctuations.

Color profiles can reflect the color data of a device class or the individuality of a specific device.


The profiling is based on a color measurement. Colors whose exact color values are known are reproduced by the device (monitor, printer) or measured (scanner) and then compared with the known values.

This results, among other things, in the gamut, which describes the ability of a device to reproduce colors. Depending on the type of device, profiles are created in different ways. Profiles must be regenerated regularly, as monitors in particular change over time. Manufacturer profiles, for example, are only available for the
Series, but not suitable for the specific device.

One of the most common tasks is the conversion of CMYK legacy data into a “different” ISO standard. Many print shops have history of using in-house standards in addition to ISO standards for proofing.

Optimized device link profiles are the best way to convert CMYK legacy data in such a way that they achieve the same color impression on an ISO standard proof as on an in-house standard proof.

Colour-safe communication
– with IPM!

The IPM team is at your side when it comes to creating and integrating ICC or DeviceLink profiles. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an optimization of your digital printing press, offset printing press or your proofing system.

DeviceLink profiles from IPM

DeviceLink profiles have been particularly successful in process conversion from CMYK to CMYK, targeted ink application restriction (while maintaining separation properties) and data optimization with regard to ink savings.

If complete print data with image, text and vector objects (e.g. as PDF) have to be converted, DeviceLink profiles should be used, since they allow targeted control of the color structure, e.g. to protect certain colors or color combinations.

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