No destination is too far to achieve more customer trust. With LIVING PSO/PSD!®, you can achieve this destination in just seven steps.

  1. Coordination and definition of parameters for process adaptation. We check and if necessary calibrate your measuring equipment in advance.
  2. Linear illumination of the test print form without the use of a compensation or gradation curve.
  3. Printing of linear, specially developed „technical test print form“ and determination of the spectrophotometric and densitometric variables in the printing process. ISO 12647 and ISO 15311 serve as the basis.
  4. Development of process plans. Coordination with responsible prepress staff, then test print and measurement technology checking.
  5. Second print with IPM visual test print form, use of measurement technology and visual checking elements. The reproducibility of the printing process and the stability of all parameters are checked.
  6. Measurement and assessment of the dry test prints. The parameters determined using measurement technology are compared with the visual impression under standard light.
  7. Certification according to offset printing process standard – ISO 12647. Certification according to digital printing process standard – ISO 15311.

Seamless quality control is therefore documented and transparent at all times for customers and employees.